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About Us

Introduction to Mohiuddin Trust
The Mohiuddin Trust is a charitable organisation striving to benefit people of all walks of life regardless of colour, creed or social stature. Mohiuddin Trust is divided into 3 wings concentrating on International development; National awareness and Local Regeneration & Empowerment. Mohiuddin Trust was established in 2004 with the aim of improving the plight of the impoverished and the under-privileged people from deprived communities around the world.
International Focus
Much of Mohiuddin Trust’s international focus has rested on Azad Jammu & Kashmir, South-East Asia, north Pakistan. Amongst various regional initiatives designed to relieve hardship and poverty some of the major projects have included:

> The creation of Mohiuddin Islamic University, which has now grown to become one of the most prestigious seats of learning in the whole region. It is highly acclaimed for it diversity of subjects and faculties offered.
> Mohiuddin Medical College. The medical college is a significant wing of the main university, located in Mirpur, away from the central campus it is the first private medical college in Kashmir.
> Mohiuddin Hospital, Trarkhal, (200 bed capacity) is nearing its completion and will serve a wide catchment area in some of the deprived areas of Kashmir.
> Mohiuddin Hospital, Mirpur, (700 bed capacity) is currently being constructed to complement the medical college and provide free medical care to the poor and needy.
> In the 2005 South Asian Earthquake Ordeal where the natives of northern Kashmir were afflicted most severely, Mohiuddin Trust was able to support; feed; clothe and shelter close to 5000 orphans; widows and homeless at the height of this difficult time. Mohiuddin Trust has since helped to find stable permanent homes for many of the victims. This number has now dropped to approximately 500 – most of them orphaned girls.
National Focus
In response to the changing geopolitical climate coupled with increased polarisation of multi-ethnic communities it is imperative that community cohesion is achieved. This can sometimes feel very difficult with so many dissenting views and opinions. Mohiuddin Trust is cognisant and fully alert to the benefits that lie within this as well as the potential dangers that are accompanied. Consequently Mohiuddin Trust works very closely with the local base in Birmingham and uses it to gauge the national attitude. Birmingham is inarguably one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the UK.
Mohiuddin Trust strives to implement events and initiatives that help to bridge the communication gap between people of different backgrounds with the view of strengthening inter-community relationships and eventually leading to stronger community integration and cohesion. Mohiuddin Trust aims to achieve a diverse multiethnic community united under a common law and a common citizenship. Mohiuddin Trust sponsored Annual Women’s Conferences have been hugely successful in the recent years. By providing a common platform women are offered the opportunity to interact, encourage and influence each other and reinforce their resolve in tackling today’s polarised world.
Local Focus
Mohiuddin Trust has gradually evolved from focusing just on international issues to concentrating on community regeneration and cohesive issues affecting people throughout the UK. Based in Aston, Birmingham, a bastion of multi-ethnicity, Mohiuddin Trust is fully aware of the obstacles and hindrances experienced by people and communities. At the grassroots level we endeavour to empower people to improve their employment opportunities and assist them to become conscientious members of society. We strive to educate men and women on issues relating to health and domestic values.
  Mohiuddin Trust Charity Commission Registration No: 1105585