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Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message
Shaikh Alaudin Siddiqui
Chairman – Mohiuddin Trust
Mohiuddin Trust’s mission to relieve human despair and suffering and provide hope and security has motivated many Mohiuddin Trust sponsored projects ranging from Mohiuddin Islamic University and its numerous affiliated colleges to the newly inaugurated Mohiuddin Medical College (in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan). In line with expectations, these educational institutes offer a means of breaking the cycle of poverty and hopelessness and an opportunity for a better future.
As with higher education, medical attention too is a luxury afforded by the rich and affluent in most (if not all) parts of Pakistan and Kashmir. To this end Mohiuddin Trust has embarked on sponsoring projects to build and subsequently furnish hospitals to a standard at par with the best found anywhere in the South Asian Subcontinent.
Upon receiving growing public appeal to address the eroding moral standards rife in today’s culture and lifestyle, as a Naqshbandi Shaikh (spiritual mentor) I felt duty bound to respond – because aside Mohiuddin Trust I have, ever since an early age, been engaged with mentoring and counselling people from all walks of life to achieve a richer more spiritual life, preserving the traditional standards and values advocated by Islam.
In response to this the Sufi Academy was launched in April 2009 at the Palace of Westminster and attended by a number of cabinet ministers.
The purpose of the Sufi Academy is to disseminate spiritual practices and methods for greater spiritual realisation.
Our latest project has involved setting up a girl’s-only college (for 16+ students) in the north of England. Drawing on our experience in the education and development sector we believe a single-gender college, offering a variety of courses and skills to all denominations regardless of colour or creed, is a more effective means of learning and anticipate will help improve employment opportunities in some of the worst effected regions, over and above producing learned conscientious members of society.
With the grace of Allah (swt) Mohiuddin Trust has an impeccable record of delivering on all its proposed projects, effectively achieving each objective away from fanfare or photo-opportunistic publicity. This is made possible by the unwavering commitment and dedication of our many members and volunteers to whom we are very grateful.
  Mohiuddin Trust Charity Commission Registration No: 1105585