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National Women’s Conferences

Women’s achievements in various walks of lives and their accomplishments in bringing up and holding together a family in the face of any eventuality are rarely acknowledged much less rewarded.
Mohiuddin understands the pivotal role women play in society forming the cornerstone of any stable family contributing towards promoting a peaceful, progressive society.
By providing a common platform women are offered the opportunity to interact, encourage and influence each other and reinforce their resolve in tackling today’s polarised world.
Mohiuddin’s National Women’s Conferences have been initiated as ongoing events allowing women from all walks of life and various creeds to celebrate their femininity and voice their views and opinions to address issues such as:
  • What it means to be a woman in this day and age
  • Sharing and recognizing the achievements of women past and present
  • Discussing what the role of women should be in today’s volatile world
  • Looking at how women can contribute towards improving the downward spiralling culture of eroding morals and family values.
These conferences have been hosted in most large cities across UK once already and will continue to be organized on an ongoing basis. For details on how you can take a more active role in this please email us at
  Mohiuddin Trust Charity Commission Registration No: 1105585