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Mohiuddin Healthcare Campaign

(Sep 2012) Construction work is continuing to complete the 200-bed hospital at Trarkhal. This was placed on hold whilst attention and resources were diverted towards the Pakistan Floods.
Materials are beginning to be gathered to commence the 800-bed hospital at Mirpur which will also complement the existing Mohiuddin Medical College. The hospitals will be fully furnished with the latest medical apparatus to offer the best medical care possible.
Funds are still required to sustain the construction of the Mirpur hospital through to completion. Please help by donating today.
Mohiuddin Girls School & College (MGSC)- BirminghamMohiuddin Girls School & College (MGSC)- Birmingham
(July 2012) Mohiuddin Trust is pleased to announce the launch of Mohiuddin Girls School & College located in the heart of Birmingham. Following great demand from inhabitants of Aston Mohiuddin Trust acquired the premises at the end of last year and has since been renovating it to make it fit for purpose. The school will cater for students from Years 7 and upwards. The associated college will offer various post 16 courses.
Admissions for the first intake in September 2012 will start after the Open Day on 15th July at 2pm at the School premises – 55-66 Albert Rd, Aston Birmingham B6 5NQ.
Mohiuddin Trust – Clean Water Campaign
(Apr 2012) Thanks to the donations made by many generous supporters Mohiuddin Trust has been Mohiuddin Trust - Clean Water Campaignable to provide clean drinking water to thousands residing in the remote areas of Dera Ghazi Khan.
This part of Pakistan is known for a very arid terrain where water of any composition is hard to find let alone clean water hygienically safe for drinking. Mohiuddin Trust pledged to provide 4 tube wells in strategic locations to maximise coverage but with the barakah of all the recieved donations we have ended up providing five tube wells which are now all operational.
The beneficiaries’ of the clean water campaign send prayers and well wishes to everyone that participated in this noble cause.
Mohiuddin Trust – Pakistan Flood Appeal
(Sep 2010) Mohiuddin Trust has been actively working on the ground in various flood affected Mohiuddin Trust - Pakistan Flood Appealregions of Pakistan for the past month issuing essential food parcels; distributing portable gas cookers and handing out beds and blankets.
Staff doctors from the Mohiuddin Medical College accompanied by student doctors volunteered their services towards helping victims. Mobile clinics are being setup around some of the most remote parts of the affected regions and urgent medical attention is being dispensed.
The UN has now termed these floods as the worst natural disaster it has ever had to deal with.
Mohiuddin International Girls College – Burnley
(August 2010) Be part of the exciting MIGC project this Ramadan by donating your Zakat/Fitrana/Sadaqa towards this noble course. MIGC is due to open its doors to the first batch of prospective Mohiuddin International Girls College - Burnleystudents who will stand to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience held by a team of highly qualified teaching staff. The college will offer a variety of courses to suit young women from all walks of life.
A noble Hadith articulates the merit of seeking and teaching knowledge.
Abu Umamah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “The superiority of the learned over the devout worshipper is like my superiority over the most inferior amongst you (in good deeds).” He went on to say, “Allah, His angels, the dwellers of the heaven and the earth, and even the ant in its hole and the fish (in water) supplicate in favour of those who teach people knowledge.” [At-Tirmidhi].
Your contributions towards this course will become Sadaqa Jariya for as long as the college remains operational, moreover you will be rewarded for each student that benefits from the college. Allah the Almighty tells us of the merits of Sadaqa in the Quran.
“The likeness of those who spend for Allah’s sake is as the likeness of a grain of corn, it grows seven ears every single ear has a hundred grains, and Allah multiplies (increases the reward of) for whom He wills, and Allah is sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knower).” (Qur’an, 2:261).
“Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public have their reward with their Rabb (only God and Sustainer). On them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.” (Qur‘an, 2:274).
Mohiuddin Trust – Pakistan Flood Appeal
(August 2010) Your generous donations will go a long way in making a difference to the flood Mohiuddin Trust - Pakistan Flood Appeal_1effected people of Pakistan whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed in what the UN is describing as the worst natural disaster since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.
The death toll to date is reported to be approximately 1500. This figure looks to be further exacerbated with the risk of waterborne diseases as the stranded communities cannot get access to clean drinking water and basic healthcare.
To make matters worse the food prices have drastically increased due to Ramadan. With the many roads and already ailing transport infrastructure in ruins, combined with lack of food, means thousands of families will face severe food shortages.
Media sources in Pakistan suggest that the cost of some vegetables are to go up by more than 100%.
Other deaths may occur as people face starvation because of extreme food shortages in affected regions.
Mohiuddin Islamic University
(November 2009) Mohiuddin Islamic University has been promoted to the highest ranking category Mohiuddin Islamic Universityby the Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC). Category W(a) is the highest rank awarded to any leading university by the HEC in Pakistan.
This came after MIU had fulfilled all the requirements stipulated by the HEC. The promotion was received with much joy and happiness by the Chancellor of MIU (Pir Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib) and the Vice Chancellor (Dr Khurshid Ahmed) along with all the administrative and faculty staff members.
The news was received with delight by members of the Mohiuddin Trust, many of whom had donated towards this project and were now able to see it grow to a huge success.
Mohiuddin Trust Name Change
(November 2009) Al Ehya Trust has been renamed “Mohiuddin Trust”. All past and future projects Mohiuddin Trust Name Changewill here forth be referenced as ‘Mohiuddin Trust’ sponsored projects.
Mohiuddin Trust was rebranded (in November 2009) following extensive deliberations to relate the charity with its sponsored projects as well as to retain the unique name and reputation of this trust away from other organisations with similar conflating names.
Mohiuddin International Girls CollegeMohiuddin International Girls College
(October 2009) Ex Burnley College has been procured by Mohiuddin Trust and is planned to serve as the Mohiuddin International Girls College. The building has been purchased for £2 million pounds and will ensure all essential required facilities are in place. This project will however, need additional funding to make it fit for our proposed purpose. We expect this to become a centre of excellence for the type and nature of courses offered.
  Mohiuddin Trust Charity Commission Registration No: 1105585